Oracle Database 11g R2 Installation

Hello All ….Welcome Back after long time !! The tale of new journey begins… 🙂

So … prior to setup and configure new OBIEE 11g version (The Fusion Middleware  , RCU setup etc) the prerequisite must be completed . And here comes Oracle 11g R2 installation .

The configuration for my system as below :

RAM: DDR2 4 GB 667 MHz bus speed.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz.

Hardware Cache : 4 MB L2 Cache

OS : Windows XP Professional Version 2002 – Service Pack 3

Firewall : Zonealarm

Step 1: I have downloaded Oracle 11g R2 Server version from OTN :

The content downloaded for 32 bit windows for setup in Windows XP like as below :

The downloaded content looks like below:

Step 2: Execute the “setup.exe” file .

It starts to check and validate the pre-requisite …

Step 3: Configuring security Updates

Step 4: Since I want a starter database to be installed and configured hence choose option 1

otherwise see the tooltip option which is suitable for your need if you want to upgrade from existing DB or want to install DB binaries only …

Step 5: Choose the system class . In my case it will be desktop class system .

Step 6: Configure basic parameters ….

Click “Next” and it will perform some basic checks about validating Memory , Space left at the target location , Swap Memory size , Global variable and PATH , Environment variables etc ….

Step 7: Save the response file if you would like to resume the same configuration and setup later using command line parameters …Just kickoff the installation by ‘Finish’ .

Step 8: The progress bar started continuing the installation and copying the required files.

The database creation initiates :

Note: If you have firewall configuration to protect any application accessing Internet , you can see several applications (sqlplus.exe , perl.exe , tnsping.exe ,java.exe , javaw.exe,emdctl.exe,emagent.exe,nmzctl.exe and others) would be trying to access Internet and the default loop back IP address .Just allow all of them in the firewall configuration.

Step 9: Oracle 11g R2 database installation completed .

Step 10: I prefer unlocking password for ‘HR’ , ‘BI’ ,’SCOTT’ schema and define passwords for SYS,SYTEM as ‘Sys12345’ and ‘SCOTT’ as tiger. Click OK after that .

Step 11: The installation has been done and the Enterprise manager DB console can be accessible through URL : https://localhost:1158/em .In my configuration it would take ~ 45 Minutes .


Step 12: Just validate the OEM access using the above URL :

Step 13: OEM Homepage for the instance DB instance ‘Oradeba’ as below :

N.B :- Use ‘SYSTEM’ account for Connect As Normal rather as ‘SYSDBA’ .

Finally I have done with Oracle 11gR2 Installation.