Synapse vs Snowflake vs Databricks in Azure

All these three technologies provided modern approach to Cloud Data warehousing but each of them having unique set of features to resolves problem , poses unique challenges to work with. Any modern technology platform for a big enterprise should not take monolithic approach for Data solutions unless clear understanding of business use case and polyglot persistence architecture must be keep in mind when designing the Data store.

Its hard to make the judgement initially about what data store to use for what purpose so does the Research , Proof of Concept and Due Diligence work required when architecting the data solution and this will help building right things in right way

To understand the key difference I have tried to put all three technology comparisons together in one frame and with very high level differentiation however at the low level there could be thousands of other difference on features which is out of scope at present for this thread. As of my writing the differences captured below and this is subject to change in future evolution

Lets deep drive on it and happy to hear feedback/comments below:

Author: Debashis Paul

Retired Oracle BI Enthusiastic. Musing on Enterprise Cloud & Data Architecture and Design in Open source Full stack framework in Kubernetes and working on Big Data/BI & Analytics. In my blog all the voices are of my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Thanks for visiting my Journal.Have a Good Day !!!

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