Azure DBaaS Family offerings & comparison – All in one place

With technology evolutions in Cloud we see varieties of options available to choose right Database platform. However decision making on what is right or wrong is where the goal of Architect lies to help business figuring out adopting tech. As we know there are several Azure Database as Service options available but hardly you will get below matrix anywhere coupling all services and offerings and detailed on features around it .

So lets take a look. This information is personally collected , checked, lot of them tested and verified with recognized sources. If this is helpful feel free to leave comments in feedback . Just a quick note as time moves we can see change on some of below areas and corresponding features so the recording time of the data is around March 2021 subject to change as new and changed offerings are applied.

Author: Debashis Paul

Retired Oracle BI Enthusiastic. Musing on Enterprise Cloud & Data Architecture and Design in Open source Full stack framework in Kubernetes and working on Big Data/BI & Analytics. In my blog all the voices are of my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Thanks for visiting my Journal.Have a Good Day !!!

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