Netapp Storage CVO (Cloud Volume ONTAP) in Azure

Netapp Volume in Cloud is exciting and specially the Netapp ONTAP product. ONTAP is abbreviated form of Open Network Technology for Appliance Products

ONTAP is separate license in Netapp Storage options in public Cloud offerings and it uses separate Storage appliances in Cloud.

ONTAP is great for providing the low latency high throughput IO operations at scale and speed for Block storages typically used for high volume of data transactions in milliseconds response. ONTAP has other exciting offerings of Data Tiering and simplifying the entire cloud data management at single glass on pane. Below is some key data captured for ONTAP in Cloud

  • Simplify storage management by easy setup using Azure Portal , CLI, Powershell, REST API
  • Multi protocol support (NFS/ SMB/ CIFS/ iSCSI)
  • Three performance tiers – Standard, premium and ultra and change on the fly with simple click
  • Data encryption at rest, RBAC, AD auth and network based ACL’s available
  • HIPPA and GDPR complaint with default 99.99% availability
  • Easy management of storage
  • ONTAP featured with thin/dynamic provisioning, data compresssion, de-duplication, compression, data tiering, flexible cloning, snapshot copies, ease of management via GUI or RESTful API and reduce cost footprint
  • ONTAP manages Netapp Block storage volume where multi instance read/write (typical for K8s statefulset workload) , Cloning , Data Protection, Data replications across AZ and Disaster recovery across Azure regions for HA
  • ONTAP supports iSCSI protocols for Block Storage and NFS/SMB for File
  • Non disruptive(zero performance penalty for running applications) Instantaneous point-in-time Snapshots , Applications and Database Integrated
  • Cross site snapMirror Data replication for backup / DR/ restore/ cloning and archive
  • Data tiering to move Hot Block Storage data to Object store and back and forth to save cost
  • Support Hybird Cloud Data movement and easy management by Netapp Cloud Manager
  • multi-AZ,dual-node,HA solution, designed for zero data loss (RPO = 0) and under 60-second recovery

Lets see some Demo how the ONTAP options works assuming you have already ONTAP product option picked from Azure Offerings page in Marketplace Product section.

20 Minutes HA Cluster for Deployment

API Driven
Cross region deployment
Multi Protocol Provisioning
Adding new volume
Choosing Data tiering / retention
iqn copy from Windows VM
Adding volume for the iSCSI map to Host and mapping and make it available

Initialization of Disk
Replication Setup
Target Volume for Replication
Choose replication policy
Volume replication
Primary to DR site replication
Replication features

And That’s IT !

Author: Debashis Paul

Retired Oracle BI Enthusiastic. Musing on Enterprise Cloud & Data Architecture and Design in Open source Full stack framework in Kubernetes and working on Big Data/BI & Analytics. In my blog all the voices are of my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Thanks for visiting my Journal.Have a Good Day !!!

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