Migration of the Security Stores – OBIEE11g

In my recent up-gradation projects after doing the Up-gradation in Dev Environment it is a obvious question that how I get my security setup migrated to say Test environment . One easy way to do this is just up-grade your Test env and during the up-grade process your user/group list will be automatically updated to the security store of 11g and will be automatically done by Upgrade assistant behind the scene. However this is a work around but this process is not the Oracle suggested method for security policy store migration.

The actual process to do this is using the Migration assistant under Security realm of  Weblogic Console. See below image . Go to Export tab and put any directory name where you want the exported copy like : D:\Share\Security …

The .dat file list would be like below:

Now once you get this list click on Import button of the target environment (say. Test) and simply click the update button . You will see all list of users and groups will be automatically migrated from Dev to Test .


2 thoughts on “Migration of the Security Stores – OBIEE11g

  1. Hi Debashish,

    Thanks for the quick and easy post. I followed your post and migrated the security to Test env but access level is not same as dev for the users. Users are not able to see all the subject areas and also when I check the user’s roles and responsibility from the My Account of user, the association is not same as Dev e.g. in dev a user USERA has 10 responsibilities but in Test only 5 are there.

    Is there something I am missing here.

    A Singh

    • Hi Arvind ,

      This process of migration works for me necessarily doesn’t mean that works for your environment too . I had faced similar issues in 11g but it was in .5 version where the responsibilities behaves erratically for couple of group of users . A critical security patch provided by oracle resolves the issue. So if it is in .5 I suggest to get in touch with Oracle . If it is .6 version and if you are upgrading (and not migrating) to test env I would say to execute UA in test as well so you need not to bother about the groups and other privileges which UA takes care of internally .And if you are migrating from dev to test and find the similar issues I am not pretty sure if weblogic’s internal security stores imported the stuff properly from exported files !
      Good luck ,

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