TOAD Compatibility with Oracle 11g

Though Oracle 11g post installation brings SQL Developer by default, still till now, nothing can think of apart from working on  TOAD , a famous GUI for running SQL/PL-SQL and doing hell lot of other Admin and developer related jobs automatically without writing SQL’s ( This has now a trade-off , we are forgetting Syntax !!! 😦 )

Anyways tried TOAD 8.5.3 in Oracle 11g ….. but its a misnomer … this version of TOAD is not functional with latest OCI for 11g ….. See its objections …. However the OCI version is recognized ..

TOAD Error

So I just un-installed TOAD 8.5.3 … and goggling around to get a Crack version of latest TOAD 9.6  … Voila landed on my favorite  torrent site and downloaded TOAD 9.6 version…. Its working pretty good now ….

So finally everything is in proper place now to explore something really good in OBIEE …

Lets move on ….