OBIEE 11g Error: Unable to Retrieve Log because OPMN is not currently running

OPMN plays a key role on triggering OBIEE system modules start-up including BI Server , Presentation server and other BI system modules.Also it helps to log any diagnostics issues.

Sometime you may find the error “Unable to Retrieve Log because OPMN is not currently running” just after you deploy new RPD and Catalog path in OFMW deployment module and trigger the activate changes and restart the services .It typically occurs when you did a mistake while editing the instanceconfig.xml file and OPMN just looses the track to update presentation server properly.

When you observer this issue go to command prompt and type :

opmnctl status

You should see :

opmnctl: ORACLE_INSTANCE is not set.
opmnctl status requires that ORACLE_INSTANCE be correctly set in your
Make sure you are using ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin/opmnctl.bat, or set ORACLE_INSTANCE
in your environment.

So it seems OPMN looses the ORACLE_INSTANCE path to trigger the necessary activities after the BI code changes (Repository and Catalog).

There could be two options then:

1) Either create a variable from ‘Environment Variable’ option of windows as below and apply the changes. It would effect immediately to the environment.

‘ORACLE_INSTANCE’ and set the value to be ‘E:\OraFMW11g\instances\instance1’  .

(Pls note that you need to change the path according to your setup)

2) Run below from command prompt and set the variable temporarily.

set ORACLE_INSTANCE=E:\OraFMW11g\instances\instance1

Just trigger from command prompt:

opmnctl startall

After successful completion you can see the BI processes started up:

opmnctl status

C:\>opmnctl status

Processes in Instance: instance1
ias-component                    | process-type       |     pid | status
coreapplication_obiccs1          | OracleBIClusterCo~ |     536 | Alive
coreapplication_obisch1          | OracleBIScheduler~ |    5096 | Alive
coreapplication_obijh1           | OracleBIJavaHostC~ |    2064 | Alive
coreapplication_obips1           | OracleBIPresentat~ |     N/A |  Alive
coreapplication_obis1            | OracleBIServerCom~ |    5160 | Alive

If the problem still persist with the start-up of any of  the server component just bounce the whole server and retry .