OBIEE 11g Error: NQS 46028 Unable to get the DLL path for the CLI 10g/11g from the NQSConfig.ini file

The behavior has been found in current release of OBIEE 11g .The same problem persist even if you upgrade the OBIEE 10g RPD to 11g version. The problem has been found during “metadata import using the TNS having OCI 10g/11g drive”r or while “view data in RPD” .

The error line shows :

NQS 46028:  Unable to get the DLL path for the CLI 10g/11g from the NQSConfig.ini file

The DB connectivity seems okay using command prompt or sqlplus option .

‘tnsping <service_name>’ from command return the response perfectly .So it is not the DB issue rather RPD is not being able to connect to DB .

Following the below steps resolved the issue:

1) Copied the ‘tnsnames.ora’ from Oracle DB path “E:\OraDeba11gR2\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN”  to “E:\OraFMW11g\Oracle_BI1\network\admin” doesn’t resolves the issue fully .

2) Create a Environment System variable in windows advanced option of system properties called as ORACLE_INSTANCE and set the value asE:\OraFMW11g\instances\instance1′   (without quote) .

3) Use absolute connection pool information to RPD or if the VALUEOF has been used just need to make sure that it will match exactly with the tnsnames.ora configuration . (having same value for SID or SERVICE_NAME will be fine in some cases)

(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521))
(SERVICE_NAME = Oradeba)

4) Restart the BI Server .

Voila …Everything will be fine  🙂

The reason behind the issue is that, till earlier release of OBIEE 1og doesn’t bundled with the Oracle client hence the required drivers and all the DB connectivity has been done using the default native Oracle driver(having single look-up point for tnsnames.ora) .But  OBIEE 11g itself includes the Oracle client bundle, hence connecting from repository will always try to look-up the tnsnames.ora file inside the Fusion path rather 11g DB network\admin path .So copying the same TNS file across two path resolves the issue.

Hopefully Oracle will fix the issue in later release just to pick the absolute reference of Oracle DB path always.