OBIEE 11g NULL value is not replaceable with “0”

As far the 11g release is concerned and ongoing experience to work with OBIEE 11g, among the several good features ,enhancement from all aspects there are a lot of glitches causing unnecessary itches for the Developers and also additional overhead from Administration’s perspective .

Hey Weblogic , not a good friend yet with OBIEE 11g causing a nightmare for last couple of weeks while engaged in couple of migration project from OBIEE 10g to 11g .Overall experience is not satisfactory with this new planet …. Weblogic … in the Universe…. 😦 Lets make it simple and manageable… !!

Okay coming to the point … Now not with Weblogic …but the analytics/reports piece itself …

As per the 10g release is concerned using some conditional clause any NULL value could be presented as 0 specially when there is divide by zero scenario . In 10g it is pretty easy to handle such situation from RPD or Webcatalog but in 11g it is a proven bug . Oracle Ref: Internal Bug Id: 13054445 .

Came to our notice in Pivot table operation neither the CASE WHEN in RPD/Catalog ,not the IFNULL or NULLIF handler able to replace the NULL value with 0 for my Pivot table. Forget anything to do in any of the config file or the database feature in RPD . Nothing will be helpful at all…If yes , your comments are most welcome !

Resolution: Nothing . Ask Oracle to get a patch if this is critical for you or wait till unplanned release.