What is Web Analytics – The Benefit and Usefulness

Well …. ◊Web Analytics ◊ is an emerging strategic webtrend concept . Below information will detail out actual goals , enterprise wide benefits, key challenges of the implementation and the available modern technologies/tools to achieve the digital marketing objectives from technical implementation perspectives.

♦ What is Web Analytics

Web analytics is the practice of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its audience and how to optimize its usage.It is a kind of study of visitor, navigation and traffic patterns to determine the success of a hosted business sites just looking after the Web trends.

Kind of an analyses as below:

♦ Typical Example

A worldwide tour company customize the planning and booking of the travel based on customers interest.The key business challenges and the ultimate goald is to

  • Measure the effectiveness of search engine submission to determine which one generates more traffic
  • Increase the return visit to sites
  • Gain the understanding what converts the visitors to customers
  • Increase the newsletter recipient base
  • Provide a dynamically generated reports

♦ Key functional areas / Benefit and Usefulness

The key benefits are high marketing return on investment (ROI) as the business focus shifts on reality check and periodic review of the expectations.So final goal is the examination of bottom line of business using Key Performance Indications (KPI) measures.

  • Provide in-depth analysis and comparison of visitor data, referral data
  • Calculate the amount of traffic to evaluate bandwidth usages and server capabilities
  • Site navigation patterns can evaluate the usage and interests

I)  Technical Insights

Gathering the technical statistics is important to understand the website traffic, effectiveness of the same in respect of business performance and analyses them using web analytics solution for decision making.

1        Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is very important for the business to capture outbound web activities for below:

  • Top Search Phrases/Content groups
  • Top Search Engines
  • Top Referrers

2        Effective Navigation

The key area is to determine the activities performed in the hosted sites to leverage path analysis for effective optimization.

  • Top most visited contents
  • Content suitable for Homepage
  • Top most navigation paths
  • Top destination paths
  • Top exist/drop-off pages
  • Capture dynamic page errors or unwanted events
  • Fail over/Load balancing event counts

3        Supporting business objectives

This required determining the triggered page events and the outcome for the business benefits.This is to understand if you are successfully converting visitors to your desired actions

  • Capture On-click qualified visits
  • Count on desired actions on Post-click events
  • Qualified visitors conversion ratio (Qualified Visits / Total Visits)
  • Capture event on Physical object of interest
  • Change in activities with change in hosted sites

II)  Technical Details about popular techniques

Data collection is important to perform and procceed with the correct analysis and making any business decisions. The various tools that perform this analysis use below sources to complete the analysis after investigation

1        Analyse Data Sources

  • Server Logs (Hit analysis)
  • Browser tags
  • Cookie analysis
  • Visitor’s Data
  • Search Engine Data
  • Defined Conversion Funnels
  • Arriving method
  • Form Completion
  • Geographical Trending
  • Rankings
  • Sessions
  • Page views
  • Active Page stay Duration
  • Affinity and Banner
  • Market influence
  • Top search phrases/words
  • Low hit search phrases
  • Context
  • Errors
  • Completions
  • View only
  • Successful/unsuccessful attempts

2        Visitor Segmentation

3        Content Usage

4        Search Analytics

5        Web-forms and conversion

6        Navigational and Page effectiveness

7        Email metrics and optimisation

III) Key Market Challenges

1        Scalability

As data volumes increase, business analysts are becoming overwhelmed trying to understand how it all maps together.

2        Insight-to-Effort ratio

Enterprises are challenged that high-end solutions require so much effort. At the same time, entry-level solutions typically offer little in-depth reporting.

3        Technology Alignment

Technology is only part of the solution.However organizations must coordinate across departmental boundaries to be successful at utilizing web analytics.

4        Metrics Details

Key highlight on metrics like Hit , Page View, Session , Unique Visitors , Repeat Visitors , Bounce Rate, %Exit , Session Duration , Click etc .

IV)  Ultimate Goal

The post monitoring activities after looking the Web Trend will be classification of business areas and take necessary actions to focus on problem areas while optimising the results.

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