OBIEE 11g strange Error ! EM throwing error in startup but OPMN showing all Alive

While starting up all the OPMN managed processes i.e trigger start button from Business Intelligence (coreapplication)  module of OBIEE 11g Fustion Middleware EM console ,I got and error that failed to start all the processes.

Gosh ….! So many errors …This is the irony of fate with me and nothing gone in very straightway unfortunately 😦

Just peeped out to the log message file and I got couple of error notification like:

EM-02694 – Supplementary information regarding operation : BI_INSTANCE:coreapplication;FAILED_TO_START;Error in starting one or more components of BI Instance; Please check the server log files for detailed message.

Supplementary information regarding operation: DOMAIN;WAITING_FOR_OPMN;Timeout; Waiting for OPMN to start process

Actually the reason for the surprise came later when I see OPMNCTL status showing all BI Sys component processes are Alive . I can login to application and browse through the reports as well .

Now while I refresh the EM page I can see all processes are up with the green status.

So something really is not in sync. Possible reason OPMN and EM communication syncronisation ?? Don’t know …. So thumb rule, as per this release, don’t rely on EM message on server issue and log …rather see if OPMN managed processes are up and running fine or not .