OBIEE Magic Trick !!!

Anybody ever face the typical enhancement requirements on existing dashboard reports about enabling the column sorting for all Tabular reports ? I’m sure ,definitely somebody have faced this . However ,I have faced this kind of new requirements from one of my recent client .

Dashboard Column Sorting

Think of , you have 500 reports already in place and it is very tedious job to hover across all reports individually and put a tick against the “Enable column sorting in dashboards” option .Though this is very simple and straightforward  however too irritating and hectic for developers as he/she has to modify each report and for doing this he/she need to click 7-8 times from editing till saving the request .So altogether you are saving 4000 click and overall a substantial minutes 🙂 Don’t go for a Rapid Fire round !

So how it will be , if  we think of a tweak which will make developers free from this boring and hectic activities of monotonous job . Yes I know , some of you are thinking smartly to make a change on Stylesheet /msgdb XML templates or some tweak on instanceconfig.xml .

Fortunately I came to know that ,it could be achievable  from ” Global Sorting of Dashboard by changing XML ” i.e modifying answerstemplate.XML file from location \\OracleBI\Web\msgdb\messages .

Dashboard Column Sorting2

Only thing you have to do is ,search below strings from answerstemplate.XML file (before change)

<WebMessage name=”kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElements” translate=”no”>
Dashboard Column Sorting3 And replace with below (after change) .

<WebMessage name=”kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElements” translate=”no”><HTML><view signature=”tableView” sortable=”true” /></HTML></WebMessage>

Dashboard Column Sorting4 This has been well documented by Oracle .See this link . After doing it and restarting your services your reports should be automatically sorted and if you edit the request it would by default check the Sorting enable option .

Unfortunately this is not the end of story and that is why it is :

—————— xxxxxx A MAGIC THREAD  xxxxxx ——————-

I have implemented the above solution in my OBIEE version and unfortunately  it doesn’t work good . So I have raised an ORACLE SR and it reveals that ,it is a product bug and hence I presume a Documentation bug .An Enhancement Request (ER) 6619910 has been currently with Oracle Support (P3/P4 Bug 6619910) to be considered for review by Development team for future bug fix release .

Alas ! what will be then about my 500 reports sorting in a moment ?? Yes ,there is way and don’t put your finger cross 🙂

Open your Shared folders using Catalog Manager and do “XML Search and Replace ”  as below in offline mode :

Replace  name=”tableView!1″ rptViewVers=”200510010″ with
name=”tableView!1″ rptViewVers=”200510010″ sortable=”true” . Just restart Presentation Services .

Dashboard Column Sorting5

Voila …. It’s all magic see below ! Yes, all reports have been Sorted dynamically in dashboard within couple of seconds . Note that the above method is not documented and hence do it at your own risk .Suggestion is to keep the backup of catalog before performing the steps .

Dashboard Column Sorting6

Now , just think of how much effort you have saved to enable sort for your dashboard reports … Like a MAGIC  and less tricky so far!   🙂 🙂 🙂