Using Repository Session and Presentation Variable in Title/Subtitle/Narratives

Sometime Business demands to show the Repository Session and Presentation variable in Title , Subtitle , Narrative etc . Now let see the way to achive this :

Using Presentation Variable in Title,Subtitle,Narratives

Defined a variable called ‘var_ename’ as Presentation Variable.

Variable in Title1

Define the title with ‘var_ename’ and use it as below : @{var_ename} .Also same can be defined in Subtitle and Narrative .

Variable in Title2

The default looks of the report will be below where Ename has been “Is prompted”  in report criteria.

Variable in Title3

After choosing the prompt Title, Subtitle and Narrative would be changing automatically :

Variable in Title4

Using Repository Session Variable in Title,Subtitle,Narratives

Customer requirement was to show dynamically the Currency type of the country in report title to show the Sales currency of the individual country in multi national deployment in the same report .

To achieve this I have written a Session variable initialisation block called “Country_Int” and return the currency value for the user from LOV type and make a Non-System session variable target called “CURRENCY” .

Now in my Sales Report it has been picked up by Presentation services after defining the below syntax under Subtitle :

The currency displayed is @{biServer.variables[‘NQ_SESSION.CURRENCY’]}.

Variable in Title5

Similarly variable could be used in Narratives as RPD dynamic variable  ‘var_country’ added under Prefix section of the BI Narrative view .  

Variable in Narrative