About Me

Hi there ,

This is Debashis Paul . A Oracle Business Intelligence (aka Siebel Analytics in old days)  guy by profession and Photographer by passion 🙂

Want to know more about me?  see me here: http://about.me/debashispaul

Valued by performance, driven by commitment & delivery by excellence is my personal ethics in work life.

9.5+ years of professional experience as a technical expert and lead in Oracle BI and Siebel CRM delivering couple of major successful implementations.
Progressive and 2 years of Quality work experience in Cardiff,UK for British Telecommunication plc.(Telecom) and 1+ year in Geneva, Switzerland for Merck Serono(Life Science).Acted as BI Technical Delivery Lead for 10 EU countries.Proficiency in CRM/BI/& Data Warehousing solution design,architecture having diverse area of technologies.
Implementation lead for Up-grade project of Novo Nordisk US & Cox Media(US) from Oracle BI 10g to 11g and also managing and delivering project modules in OBIEE11g.

Technologies & Solutions Specialties:
– CRM (Siebel) and BI/Data warehouse
– Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE11g/10g/Siebel)
– Oracle Database – 10g/11g
– Oracle Multi-Dimensional OLAP Cube (AWM-10g,11g)
– Oracle Application Express (APEX)
– Performance optimization, Tuning & troubleshooting
– UNIX, Linux environment
– Analytical, Diagnostic and strong troubleshooting skills

Consultancy Skills:
– Technical Team Management
– Technical Expertise/Development
– Technical Design and Architecture
– Technical Business Analyst
– Project Management

Other Skills:
– Environment & Configuration Management
– Proof of Concept ,User Training & Support
– Development quality assurance
– Management of Testing strategies, Test Plans
– Unit / User Acceptance testing
– Development on Agile methodology
– Requirement Capturing & Analysis
– Excellent client interaction
– Country Communication

Merck Serono(Switzerland) – Life Science vertical
British Telecom(UK/Wales) – Telecom vertical
Novo Nordisk Inc.(US) – Pharma (Life Sciences)
Cox Media (US) – Media


Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE11g/10g)
OBIEE 11g Development and 10 to 11g
Siebel Analytics and Siebel CRM
Oracle Multi-Dimensional OLAP Cube Implementation
Weblogic Server , Apache Tomcat , OC4J
Miscellaneous DBA/Diagnostic/Troubleshooting activities


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Debashis

    How do you do? We share something in common i.e love for Oracle products.

    As for me I am more on the database side. Specialised on RAC and development. Just started to get my hands on SOA. That is how I came accross your blog. Looking at your blog has also convinced me that I should have one of mine for the RAC area.

    You are doing a good job there dude. Infact like your work. Keep up the good work Pal and all the best to you.


    Diogo Fernandes

  2. Thanks Diogo … A small word can encourage people a much as you do . The only intention of the blog to help people and honestly I am doing this .Knowledge is something which can’t enriched until and unless you share it ! Thanks Again ,
    Cheers ,

  3. hi,

    i am upgrading 10g to 11g database with the help of your post. But, unforunately the diagram links are broken and i am not able to follow.
    could you please fix and help me in upgrading db.

    The post is Step by Step Upgrading Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g


  4. Hi Debashis,

    This is Rajeev. I am new for OBIEE tool and working with 11g version.I faced the below issue.

    After Uploading ‘rpd’ file into Enterprise Manager server(EM),Then i clicked restart button, it is showing that BI server is down.This problem is occurring at the time of deploying RPD file into EM server.Please help how to deploy successfully.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Do you think your RPD is error free? If you are sure then you need to see the EM control logs to check whats going wrong there. If nothing works you might hit by oracle big who knows ??
      So keep finger crossed tried to validate your RPD and env and logs and if doesn’t help wise to raise Oracle SR sooner than later. Its simple step and you should be fine anyway
      – D

  5. Thanks Debashis Paul,

    For your valuable time spend on this.I did not get any errors in RPD file but i got one warning message.Today i have checked log file.log file contains below errors.

    1.Error in starting component: oracle instance: instance1, component: coreapplication_obis1
    MBean operation failed
    3.Operation Failed: start; OracleInstance: instance1; Component: coreapplication_obis1; msg: 0 of 1 processes started
    Can not restart selected component.
    The start operation can not be performed on the Dummy BI Servers component.

    6.WorkWrapper caught exception:

    Can you please suggest how to resolve the above errors.

    In my organization BI Administrator tool is installed in my local machine.And other applications(console,enterprise manager,analytics,xmlserver,ui) are installed in another machine.is this installation is correct?

    If it is correct , Rpd file is develop in my local machine.This Rpd file is attached in enterprise manager server. Here my doubt is how this Rpd file is recognize in Enterprise manager server.is there any setups are
    required to recognize rpd file in enterprise manager server.Can you please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Hello Debashis,

    I was browsing on your OBIEE blog. Since you are an expert on OBIEE, do you have any prior OBIEE multi-tenant implementation expertise.

    If so, could you please share a couple of use cases and corresponding architectural components in an OBIEE multitenant implementation.

    I am available via my cell phone 205-276-2553. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Best Regards,

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