OBIEE 11g ( support with IE11- XML hack

We know that by now I am writing this blog OBIEE already supported with IE11 (compatibility mode). When I am talking about it is very specific to latest bundle patch version (anything released after (Build 140402.1431 64-bit)

This could be older post but might be helpful who are still with (recognized as most stable so far) and had older patch of 140415 .We are running on 140415 and without IE 11 support . We are in product company having global presence across world. So for us it is not luxury rather a very necessary to think of how we can get support with IE 11 as we can’y say our customer to use different Browser version and they could have enterprise restriction and in our case several customers have Integration of BI dashboard pages in their own application under iFrame. So it is kind of enterprise wide challenge. Also we can’t release part of application in 11g for some users and rest in 10g. It is again maintenance and communication overhead.

I read that IE11 support is not in Oracle Certification matrix and Oracle said they stopped releasing back-port patch only for IE11 with So responsibility is due on us (BI team) how can we can system hack to get this compatibility with less changes in client side.
I took the challenge to find some tweaks to get this system hack. See how in step by step I approached to solution/fix/hack.

What I see if you open OBIEE .7 version in IE11 you will get Presentation service error in browser saying the browser version not supported . If you add that URL in compatibility mode IE11 will save this as URL request come with domain name and save in that list. And immediately you can see IE11 no more complaining about it . But its not end of story . After login you will find several things are broken like Links , Navigation , View selector , Prompts doesn’t work properly .

If you want to see the issue you can put below string in IE11 URL header . This will tell what kind of compatibility your browser is using. For IE11 you can clearly see no “compatible” header will return in User Agent string .

javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent) – below is example from IE 10 browser .


The reason behind it is IE11 run the browser in default Document Mode as (Edge) . If you click F12 Developers tool in IE11 you will see Emulation tab . And here you will find Document Mode and User Agent .

Compatibility will not tweak on Document mode . So the challenge is, you have to pass the string related to Browser compatibility which will override client browser settings and forced into Emulation mode you specified.

I start reading how Browser works with this compatibility and what kind of X-UA string responsible to do the browser tweak.

I found a tiny OBIEE config file pass this Emulation string with application URL called iecommon.xml file .

You can find this under : <MiddleWare_Home>/Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/web/display/featuretables/iecommon.xml

Only things is you have to change below lines. See 100 was by default , you have to change it IE=10.

After making this change you need to bounce BI System components.

<feature name=”requiredMetaTags” xsi:type=”xsd:string”>&lt;meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=100″ &gt;</feature>

Simple huh ? Just removing one zero (0) . Now  paste  “javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)” (without double quotes) in IE URL header now and you can see the strings returned as IE 10 compatible. Means it did the job  !

Now if you presss F12 in IE11 and go to Emulation tab you will find Document header has been forced to change IE 10(default) and its no more Edge. So as soon as you hit OBIEE .7 URL in IE11 the server side parameter will forced them to run in Document mode IE10 .

Now try pulling your IE 11 reports (Note that we still need browser based compatibility settings and that is one time so should be fine for users) and you can clearly see the difference. No issues with Prompts, Navigation , Action link , Drill down , View selector , Alerts , Answers . Its voila ….

This steps is not declared officially and Oracle never said this works but its a system hack/tweak which perfectly work for us. So please use it on own risk.

Enjoy …till next time 🙂

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