Happy New Year 2012 to All …

Bonjour et bonne année 2012 …

The new journey begins as we landed to New year 2012… Forgetting the old torn memories as it should be better to be in oblivion …. Keep the memories of delightful times and live in each day now as it is to be spent…. !  It is an immense pleasure to let you know my best New year wishes for you … The people … my near and dear ones , my enemy , my followers (Twitters et all) , my critics , my seniors and beloved juniors , finally them whom I don’t know when they silently came to my blog and escape … Hope for all of them it will be a very good year ahead of you both personally and professionally.

Thank you all who encouraged me to carry on my blog and hopefully GOD & you all bless me and it will be continued in greater extent in this year and I hope my threads someway,  sometime  help you !

last but not the least a Season Greetings Card for all of you… Smile 🙂

Cheers …. and bonne santé …. !

Yours ,

Debashis (DxP)

See you soon with some new geeks and hope you will enjoy … Till then …

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