OBIEE 11g Graphical Color Scheme like 10g

Salut à tous…. Joyeux Noël…. Wish you Merry X-Mas and good time with your near and dear ones … So I am back here with some new geeks … 🙂 Excuse me if somebody already know it !… and please let other to learn …. !

OBIEE 11g Graph colors are quite jazzy comparing to 10g… this is one of the recent feedback we received from clients in our post up-gradation review of codes .So one of the obvious requirement came into picture is that, how do we retain the 1og Graphical color schemes in 11g. This could be easily done by playing across the XML codes for color definition .

Lets do it …

As you might already be aware of that 10g Color contents (hex-codes) definition are stored in the palette.cxml file. So what you need to do is only copying the color Hexcodes from 10g files and put those under the file located : “..\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\msgdb\s_blafp\viewui\chart\dvt-graph-skin.xml” having the below sample syntax  (do the same for other style folders like s_FusionFX  if you need it)

So below content copied to the above xml and put this between the first and last tag of  SeriesSlice :

<Series id=”0″ color=”#A4D5F9″ borderColor=”#A4D5F9″/>
<Series id=”1″ color=”#5592D0″ borderColor=”#5592D0″/>
<Series id=”2″ color=”#EFD084″ borderColor=”#EFD084″/>
<Series id=”3″ color=”#687FA1″ borderColor=”#687FA1″/>
<Series id=”4″ color=”#CFC4E5″ borderColor=”#CFC4E5″/>
<Series id=”5″ color=”#8D9EB7″ borderColor=”#8D9EB7″/>
<Series id=”6″ color=”#5898AA” borderColor=”#5898AA”/>
<Series id=”7″ color=”#CEE4EA” borderColor=”#CEE4EA”/>
<Series id=”8″ color=”#90B5D1″ borderColor=”#90B5D1″/>
<Series id=”9″ color=”#F6E795″ borderColor=”#F6E795″/>
<Series id=”10″ color=”#C7C1C1″ borderColor=”#C7C1C1″/>
<Series id=”11″ color=”#85A8EE” borderColor=”#85A8EE”/>

Make sure all the services restarted before the change to be effective.


See below difference before applying the XML(11g Original) and after applying (aligned with 10g color).

N.B:- It has been observed that though the 10g color scheme applied for 11g but it is not at per with existing 10g colors and there are slight deviations in terms of colors which is not eye-catching but somehow not matching exactly due to the difference of the rendering engine of 10g and 11g.

A worth to note is that, in our implementation we have seen that in several charts the color change is not propagated and hence it seems that the color scheme is not applied properly as per the defined XML. However if you edit the chart and remove any measure and then drag the same measure again we see that the color starts changing as per XML . The behavior seems to be unpredictable for us. Assumption is that ,it might happened due to some internal cache specially for the chart engine here.  But the problem is not observed for any new reports created in answers in 11g and it starts reflecting the new colors scheme from very beginning.

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