Intelligent Deployment of RPD/Catalog – OBIEE 11g

As probably everybody knows that we have intelligent RPD deployment process as per OBIEE 11g is concerned using Enterprise manager Deployment module . But do you know if you have not follow the conventional procedure what problem you are going to hit …. Here you go …

 [nQSError: 13043] Could not get repository password for CSF key ‘repository.MyRPD_BI0001’ from CSF: [46147] The Repository credential does not exist.

The reason behind the issue is that I had just copied the RPD from 11g Dev env and Paste it to 11g Test env and change the RPD name in NQSConfig.INI file and try to up the server using unconventional way just to figure out what kind of check it does …. Quite intelligent… Each RPD has a unique identifier and it is stored in Credential Store and you can’t bypass the Credential store verification during your update of the RPD. So always do a clean deployment process otherwise you will be messed with it 🙂

So above error you will be getting for incorrect deployment procedure of your repository. This is specially recommended during the env migration . However I have seen in the same env if you are doing the copy paste of the same RPD and rename it and then change the name in NQSConfig.INI it somehow works out fine.

Again don’t try to Update Account GUID’s (FMW_UPDATE_…. under NQSCONFIG and UpdateAccountGUIDs under instanceConfig) and Deployment of RPD at the same time .It will give you erratic behavior. And in those scenario your RPD and Catalog name is always going to refer old name rather new one.