OBIEE 11g NULL value is not replaceable with “0”

As far the 11g release is concerned and ongoing experience to work with OBIEE 11g, among the several good features ,enhancement from all aspects there are a lot of glitches causing unnecessary itches for the Developers and also additional overhead from Administration’s perspective .

Hey Weblogic , not a good friend yet with OBIEE 11g causing a nightmare for last couple of weeks while engaged in couple of migration project from OBIEE 10g to 11g .Overall experience is not satisfactory with this new planet …. Weblogic … in the Universe…. 😦 Lets make it simple and manageable… !!

Okay coming to the point … Now not with Weblogic …but the analytics/reports piece itself …

As per the 10g release is concerned using some conditional clause any NULL value could be presented as 0 specially when there is divide by zero scenario . In 10g it is pretty easy to handle such situation from RPD or Webcatalog but in 11g it is a proven bug . Oracle Ref: Internal Bug Id: 13054445 .

Came to our notice in Pivot table operation neither the CASE WHEN in RPD/Catalog ,not the IFNULL or NULLIF handler able to replace the NULL value with 0 for my Pivot table. Forget anything to do in any of the config file or the database feature in RPD . Nothing will be helpful at all…If yes , your comments are most welcome !

Resolution: Nothing . Ask Oracle to get a patch if this is critical for you or wait till unplanned release.

Oracle BI Mobile App for iOS devices

Welcome back after long days … Just tied up with couple of  OBIEE 10g to 11g up-gradation projects nowadays and manage to have any time to Blog considering lot of other extra-curricular activities 🙂

Anyway today my experiment was with Oracle BI Mobile iPhone/iPad App. I have downloaded the app from AppStore couple of days ago but unfortunately have not receive any server details to see how the App looks like in my iPhone 4 .However recently Oracle launched this Demo Application and you need top register there to get the PDF having the details of the servers (Thanks to Mr. Barry for sending me the details).

Register Here and then download the App :

And view the Demo here:

BI Mobile sales demo –
Financial Analytics Mobile demo –

I believe underline iPhone App is based on OBIEE 11g as I can see the 11g interface only while connecting from my PC.

Here are the couple of screenshots first, taken in my iPhone, to get the flavor how it looks like. Later I will explain my comparative findings between 11g Desktop based and 11g Mobile BI App.

The text colored in “Green” is short briefing against each screen-shots:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My findings +++++++++++++++++++++++++

1) Due to the Display limitation of iPhone I can see most of the Horizontal reports/Charts came in vertical view.But always you can switch to “Original Layout” from the actual default “Mobile Layout” to see the change report components layout across dashboard pages. I don’t know how it looks like in iPad by default… haven’t tried yet 😦

2) The Zoom-in and out features by playing with two fingers sometime doesn’t fit the display and causing some display out of the screen which obviously require to scroll by fingers both Vertically and Horizontally.

3) Online App via PC Browsers having “Graph Slider” while in iPhone it is drop-down. Not sure if iOS having different compilation process

4) No download to excel/pdf/ppt features yet.

5) Spatial Graph display and drill down works great .

6) All kind of Navigation and Drill-down feature is aligned. However Master-Detail event tracking has not been seen so far as per this application . Not sure whether this works or not !

That’s all ….