OBIEE 11g Errors: Root XML Node nqw not found in island!

Gosh… I got a strange error today while building one of reports using Answers. The error suddenly appears as “Root XML Node nqw not found in island!” after I modified the report and run it in the dashboard .

The main concern is that the error appearing while I am trying  to edit the request. The error is so annoying that I am neither being able to modify the request and nor being able to run this (actually it is throwing error) .

Reason why it is appearing is , I was just define one presentation variable against the Multiselect Product name and prompted that in the reports criteria filter section . And after running the request it starts throwing this absurd error !! I am not being able to come out from the issue even after logout and clearing the browser session .

This could be resolved by editing the report content using Catalog manager and removing the buggy presentation variable . I have not done much r&d with this report and leave it as it is …. So buggy and frustrating error !!! 😦 I will try to replicate the behavior in a similar but small prototype just to nail down the issue and will update into thread if I find something really useful .

3 thoughts on “OBIEE 11g Errors: Root XML Node nqw not found in island!

  1. Hi Debashis,

    Did already find a reason (or even better: solution) for this error?

    I’m experiencing the exact same error in the exact same situation. Strangely this error is occuring since I’ve moved the catalog from a installation to a installation.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Machiel ,

      Unfortunately not . I haven’t find a good reason why it behaves like
      this . Possibly a potential Bug but yet I haven’t encounter similar kind of
      problem with as the earlier bug was on . I would
      suggest to take assistance from Oracle to get hold to the bottom of


    • Just to keep this thread updated I have seen the same error in OBIEE 10g also ( some days back and the report view actually totally crashed . Thankfully I can edit the view and delete the erroneous Chart view(for my case) and rebuild this from scratch. I just tried to copy paste ‘Advanced XML’ from a working catalog but without luck .


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