Bypass Username and Password on Weblogic server Startup

It’s always annoying to put Weblogic server username and password on server start-up and shutdown. It would be nice if the process could be automated. There are two different approach for this. Making this as Windows Service and set it as ‘Automatic’ in Startup Type .Other controllable approach is to manipulate the StartStopservices.cmd file of weblogic to pass the weblogic user name and password variable with a hard-coded predefined value .

To adopt the second approach take the backup of file “StartStopServices.cmd” located in below path:


and add the below strings to pass the value of the variables: -DWLS_USER=weblogic -DWLS_PW=weblogic#1

(here “weblogic#1” is my password)

Save the file and start the BI Services. It will take the username and password automatically reading from the file and trigger the start-up activities …

This will save some keystrokes at-least 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bypass Username and Password on Weblogic server Startup

    • Hello Eric ,
      Thanks for providing the link . However I tried the option mentioned in the cleaner process but it seems that the Start BI services again prompting for username and password even if I add the Username: and Password: entry in the file located at :E:\OraFMW11g\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\bi_server1\security

      Have you ever try the option at your local ? Is it functional ?

  1. Yes. I’m currently using it for my soasuite vmbox installation and it works for me. Did you add Username: or Username= ?

    it should be :

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