2 thoughts on “A Generic OBIEE Cluster Architecture

  1. Hey Debashis,
    Nice pics. A few comments:
    obiee-cluster-architecture2.png could do with some clarification that the Cluster Controller is only controlling the two BI Servers (I realise the traffic flow is between all four which is what you’ve illustrated).
    You could also include the passive scheduler.
    Also point out that the web cat is often on one shared file system (Oracle recommendation I believe) as an alternative to replicated.
    BTW any way to regenerate them with smaller font size so it doesn’t wrap? It’d make it easier to read.
    cheers! rnm.

    • Hello Robin ,
      Thanks for your comments .The Cluster controller was controlling 4 servers in the sense that 2 will be SAS clustering and 2 web will be under replication i.e a sort of Web clustering .However ,in true sense you are correct that when we do mean Controller it will be SAS only via controller port .Hence I have modified the diagram best on your suggestions .
      Also one more scheduler could be added as passive .By I left this for the time now .Webcat could be put into shared file server location and would be picked up by sawrepaj process from export directory defined under config.xml .However I left this as beyond the scope of clustering concept and more on how the catalog metadata stored.
      Anyway thanks for your valuable suggestion and input .

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