OBIEE Save Current Selection

This OBIEE feature is known for User friendliness . Using save selection allow users to view the dashboard page with their most frequently use choices like what we have done while Bookmarks any URL in browser for ease of navigation and facilitate quick search .It applies typically for the prompts and then press Go to let the Request/Report filtered out based on the selected Prompts and then Save the Selection using any conveninent name for future access .See below :

Save Selection 0

Let  say I have saved this as ‘Germany’ .

Save Selection 1

You can see the “Saved selection” entry has been created under         “root\users\administrator\_selections”  as below :

Save Selection 2

Save Selection 3


Thus making the alteration in your filter criteria you can choose save selections for multiple items .

You can clear the existing saved selection from Page Options -) Clear My Selections .Note that clearing this doesn’t physically remove the saved selection .It is the way to logically clear the selection .I have clear the selection and after that to apply it once again we need not to save it once again as you can choose ‘Apply Saved Selection’ .

Save Selection 4

To physically delete a selection you need to click ‘Page Options’ -) Edit Saved Selections and Defaults and delete the already saved selection .

Save Selection 5

You could rename the already saved selection here .So whatever changes you do over here it will be reflected directly to the physically stored file at location “root\users\administrator\_selections” .

You could perform “Clear My Selections” functionality using a HTML based button added across all dashboard pages so that users need not to navigated across Page Options and the HTML is as below :

Save Selection 6

2 thoughts on “OBIEE Save Current Selection

  1. Hi Debashis ,

    Thanks for the excellent post. I do have one further query regarding saved selections. Lets say that user A has many saved selections.
    User B too would like to make use of these saved selections. So is there a way to transfer saved selections between users ?
    Can we copy paste the files from userA/_selections folder to userB/_selections folder? Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Pradeep ,

      I have not tried that. But probably you can try and test the same . My understanding is that every selection has some identifier which you can find under _selections folder and once you copied that identifier could cause issue .
      Feel free to post your findings ..


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