OBIEE on Windows XP Home – A Installer Compatibility bug

I was encountered one strange problem asked by one of my ex- colleague about the problem on installing OBIEE version downloaded from OTN , to his Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop . The operating system is Windows XP Home SP3 .While running the setup.exe it is throwing strange error as below :

“Oracle Business Intelligence is not supported on this Windows version. Oracle Business Intelligence is only supported on Windows XP x86, Windows 2003 x86, Windows 2003 AMD64, Windows 2003 EM64T, Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista AMD64, Windows Vista EM64T, and Windows 2000 x86”

The error seem to be confusing to end users as the user have x86 (32 bit) hardware config , OS also 32 bit and finally the downloaded OBIEE version also 32 bit (x86) .So above error is bit misleading .

I have search on OTN forum and the outcome seems not to be so promising ,it might be the problem for other users could be helped by the suggestions .

For my case the resolution for the problem is : Copy the file systeminfo.exe from path “C:\WINDOWS\system32”  of any Windows XP Professional version and paste  it to the same path at XP Home .pretty simple ! only thing is that you need to have another machine where XP Prof version is running or could be downloaded .

Now try to execute the file systeminfo.exe from Run . Make sure that : “C:\Windows\system32” is set in your PATH environment variable. It would run in a command window and faded after glimpse . Don’t worry … Now try to reboot your machine and see if the OBIEE installer works fine or not .

Otherwise try one more step : copy framedyn.dll  from “C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem”   to “C:\WINDOWS\system32” . This dll has been actually called while executing systeminfo.exe .Now try to run the OBIEE installer once again and it should resolve the problem … at least for my ex-colleague 🙂

Note that this one is very specific problem reported for Dell Laptop users .Alternatively you can run the WMI diagnostic utility from Microsoft or de-install “Broadcom ASF Management Application” from Add/Remove option which is reported to be a known culprit for the problem .

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