SOA – Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Installation

This thread covers overview and installation of Repository Creation Utility(RCU) which is preliminary thing you need to do, if you are planning to implement/install Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 – SOA Suite.
The RCU utility could be run after SOA suite installation or before that .

RCU builds couple of Metadata Repository which contains metadata for Fusion Middleware Components (SOA, Webcenter, Identity Management) .
The various types of Repository are :

Metadata Services (MDS)
Audit Services (IAU)
Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)

Web logic Communication Services
Single Sign-On (SSO)
SOA Infrastructure (SOAINFRA)
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
User Messaging (ORASDPM)
Oracle WebCenter (WEBCENTER)
WebCenter Portlets (PORTLETS)
Oracle Content Server (OCSERVER)
Portal (PORTAL)
Discoverer (DISCOVERER)
Discussions (DISCUSSIONS)
Wiki and Blog (WIKI)

The Installation process can be undergone in below steps :

So what we can see is that during Installation process there is couple of RCU related errors have been flagged .To avoid the processes and open_cursor errors first Stop the installation and execute below using SYSDBA account :

sqlplus sys/sys as sysdba
show parameters processes    — This  will show the current value
show parameters open_cursors  — This will show the current value

ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=500 SCOPE=spfile; — Altering the value will remove the RCU : 6107 DB Init Param error from next execution

ALTER SYSTEM SET open_cursors=500 SCOPE=spfile; — Altering the value remove the RCU : 6107 DB Init Param error from next execution

Apart from that , if you don’t have any new tablespace for the repository metadata items it will be created during run-time installation .

NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET AL16UTF16N.B : – If your database characterset is not AL32UT8 unicode format, where your repository is going to build  you could encounter warning message and can ignore this but Oracle strongly recommend of having character set strictsuperset of any DB character set . Otherwise you can perform CSSCAN and CSALTER utility to do the change .Its not that simple believe me ! You could also refer the Ora Doc for Characterset conversion here . However for my case I have kept it as it was before migration i.e below :

SQL> select * from nls_database_parameters;PARAMETER                                                   VALUE
—————————— —————————————-
NLS_LANGUAGE                                         AMERICAN
NLS_TERRITORY                                        AMERICA
NLS_CURRENCY                                                  $
NLS_ISO_CURRENCY                               AMERICA
NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS                      .,
NLS_CHARACTERSET                             WE8MSWIN1252
NLS_CALENDAR                                       GREGORIAN
NLS_DATE_FORMAT                                   DD-MON-RR
NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE                            AMERICAN

For my case , only Portal Configuration Assistant failed during installation and RCU :6135 , 6130 thrown .However , no specific remedy has been found  neither in google and nor in metalink (till now) and hence not be able to document this . If somebody find the reason behind it, I will be happy to accept !

One thought on “SOA – Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Installation

  1. Thanks for this- exactly the problem I was running into. I tried manually editing the ora.ini file but that didn’t work. Note: the required number of OPEN_CURSORS is => 800, not 500.

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