Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Installation

Download the SOA Suite 11g from OTN FMW Page .

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation0

Verify the actual JDK/JRE settings from Control Panel Java option i.e. from JNLP Runtime settings of proper Java Platform .

See below how to find it …. Go to Control Panel –) Double click Java .

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation1Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation2 Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation3


So in my case , I have copied the actual JDK/JRE path SOA required from System tab , Run the installer and follow the steps one by one .You will be prompted for input of JDK/JRE location in command prompt as below(in yellow) :

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation4

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation5Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation6

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation7Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation8

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation9Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation10


Simple ! Now we will be installing the Repository using RCU utility in next thread .

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