OBIEE – Working with BLOB Image Content

Right … Since I know little bit ! about Oracle Application Express (APEX) (formerly known as HTMLDB from its birth) before I familiar with OBIEE and Siebel Analytics hence I thought of doing some experiment on BLOB(Binary Large Object)  image addition in OBIEE .Unfortunately OBIEE simply doesn’t support BLOB data type content . If you add the BLOB field in Repository and try to view data the column will not be displayed and even not thrown error .

However BI Catalog will generate a objection which is a erratic ORA error. Now try to google around what is the cause and landed to the Famous Blog of Venkat and yeah ! most of the information has been compiled nicely here and got some understanding as I have some idea about how the PL/SQL gateway works and communicate with OPMN process running Apache Web Server .

Still as this is more likely the integration part of OBIEE with APEX that how image extracted by passing the parameters in APEX via PL/SQL gateway .So I do think people need some more idea about APEX . Considering the  integration its worth to take some brief  idea from :

“Defining and Viewing BLOB Data in Oracle Application Express 3.1”

Look on Dimitri’s Blog space also .

OBE(Oracle By Example)  is rocking in providing such kind of very helpful and bootstrapping technical information . Rest of it left to Venkat’s URL . Once I have proper setup in place I will must do a experiment in this area and update 🙂

One more note, APEX is rocking as well with lots of features , enhancement and is a really handy tool for doing database centric web operations .See you next time in a new category area “APEX” 🙂

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