RPD(Repoitory Directory) and Catalog File Name Syntax – nQSError

I was suddenly experimenting with the RPD file name syntax and came to know that some special character in .rpd file name will not be recognized by BI Server service and hence putting character like “$,#,%,<space>,-” inside the filename will throw below error in NQServer.log file and you will get below error message after Windows service startup . 







[47012] Syntax error in NQSConfig.ini file.

2009-10-02 17:01:26

     [nQSError: 26009] File D:\OracleBI\server\Config\NQSConfig.INI Near Line 33, Near <“>: new line in string.

However we can give special character in BI catalog file name and it loads by the Presentation server cool . So its somehow contradictory that certain syntax allowed in Catalog but not in Repository .See this :


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