Online editing of Multiple RPD from Hetergeneous/Cross platform

One of our current assignment was to do the online development using one RPD from one platform say Windows and also need to do the testing of the different RPD hosted into different IBM AIX platform. Since AIX doesn’t support the GUI kind of stuff hence we have configured both the RPD in Windows env via multiple DSN configuration  . It’s pretty simple , easy and straightforward though need to cautious about some syntax .

As we know OBIEE installation do a default configuration of “AnalyticsWeb” System DSN (i.e Oracle BI Server Driver NQSODBC.dll)  which appeared in a box while developer try to open the RPD in *Online Mode* .


Multiple DSN1     Multiple DSN2


 However developer can simultaneously work with multiple RPD online where RPD’s even hosted under heterogenous platform .Only thing you need to know is that the IP address or Host name and the Port by which a SQL ODBC connection done between BI Presentation server and BI server(usually the default port is 9703 until customized and configured ) . So lets create a new System DSN .

Click Add on System DSN tab from Microsoft ODBC Datasource Administrator window . Select the driver as “Oracle BI Server” .Click Finish .

Then go  through the below steps . Here I have created a DSN called “Sample Scott” and let the other settings unchanged apart from Server “AIX_Server” .Before that make sure you able to ping that server from your local machine by running “ping AIX_Server” from command prompt .Otherwise you can put the AIX host IP address .Sometime you might need to map the hostname and IP address in “..\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” file .

Multiple DSN3






If explicit login ID and password required to access Oracle BI Server from other environment (apart from  OS authentucation) enter the Login ID and password for the same and change the port if necessary .Since  I am not physically loading multiple RPD from my own BI server(physically 2 separate BI server running instance load that RPD into their memory) hence keep uncheck Default repository Catalog” .

     Multiple DSN4Multiple DSN5






Make sure the AIX server reachable and SAW  service working fine there once running the SAWPING utility from $ORACLEBIHOME\web\bin .

 >> sawping –v –s AIX_Server

It should return the response as : “Server alive and well” . This utility try to access Oracle BI Presentation Server services to lookup whether this could communicate with Oracle BI Server via 9703 port .

So now when I trying to open the RPD into Online mode it will give me two option as below .The “AnalyticsWeb” DSN instance will open the RPD from my local machine but “Sample_Scott” open RPD from “AIX_Server” .(Note that DSN name “Sample Scott” changed to “Sample_Scott” here )

Multiple DSN6







Trying to access “Sample_Scott” with proper password will throw the below error though my BI server instance running on AIX machine .

 Multiple DSN7






Can you identify what is the problem behind this ? The problem is BI server try to find a DSN called “Sample_Scott” whereas the actual DSN name is “Sample Scott” . Now lets change the DSN name to “Sample_Scott” and here you go ! there is no more problem . So in brief BI server doesn’t support the DSN having space between them . This is al about the syntactical caution we need to consider .

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