Java Script in Narrative View

I have written a simple conditional Javascript in a Narrative view so that it fetch columns from database and represent the data .

I have used the sample EMP table and the intension is to represent the row for Managers in Green and others in Orange like below :

Javascript in Narratives

The narrative code to drive this as below :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.write(“<font color=green><b> @1 is Manager having salary @4 <br> </b></font>”)
document.write(“<font color=orange><b> @1 is Not Manager having salary @4 <br> </b></font>”)

Javascript in Narratives2

4 thoughts on “Java Script in Narrative View

  1. Hi debasish,

    I have sales growth in a field, if its positive i need to display up arrow sign and if its negative i need to display down arrow sign. I tried with the if else structure u gave here, but its not working. can you please help


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