Report Title Navigation – OBIEE

Till release , as I know , there is no facility/feature to navigate from  Report title to any Dashboard . But we had a customer requirement to get that feature so when you click on “Top 10 Sales Overview” report title it will move you to “Actual Sales” Dashboard page . There is no OOB facility to cater this requirement as the Title doesn’t accept any HTML code inside it . You could push this reqr back and could come up with an alternative solution to provide a link just below that report which will finally navigated to the target dashboard .

However this could be achieved if we do a little bit tweak with the report views . So I have found a workaround which is definitely behave like you are clicking on title and navigating to dashboard . Requirement is to show the navigation like below :

Title Navigation1








So as you see I have moved my subtitle info to Title view and pick up Narrative view , match the color and template like default OBIEE title template and achieve my business .Internally the Title region will be driven by Narrative view rather actual Title view .Here is the Narrative view code to fulfill the objective .

Title Navigation2

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