Pivot table – Conditional Coloring and Tooltips

Once I was working for a giant UK based client where we had a requirement to replace the existing .Net system . As everybody know that OBIEE is not a programming language rather a tool and there must have certain limitations as this could not be customized like a language .This is pretty hard to make a realization to them as they mostly focus on business needs rather thinking from technical perspective . Which is true indeed ! So sometime we say this is not possible very upfront and outright and sometime we need to further dig down on any alternative solution or workarounds . Sometime it is successful and sometime not . So this is all about the background of this thread and how myself succeed to help there business achievement .

The requirement was something like there would be multiple measure which need to be displayed against dimensions in pivot table . “Measure 1”  is a target achievement measure which need to be shown either Green or Red status based on target value set (target value is not hard-coded and its dynamic and driven by a backend threshold value ). For other measures at the end month there might be some order which is confirmed , some unconfirmed and some yet to be build . Now once user hover mouse to the colored cell (of those status represented in Legend) it should show the information in tooltips .A valid information in this scenario could be specifying  the dynamically changed date time window and mention the type of the period i.e building , confirmed or unconfirmed .

Lets have a look on the pivot report :

Conditional Coloring and Tooltip

Nice huh ?? I have actually googling around to get a readymade solution and unfortunately it doesn’t help . Finally after building this I even get surprised about nothing is technically impossible !

Nows lets see the how the measure and its status entirely driven dynamically in RPD  .Only change done in webcat is treating the data format as HTML .

 Conditional Coloring and Tooltip2

Conditional Coloring and Tooltip3



However you can put same calculation in Catalog itself in column formula to achieve this . But for this let BI server understand that you want “Server Complex Aggregate” to represent the conditional column measure .

Conditional Coloring and Tooltip4






The commentary is another interesting stuff where based on status of each month order Admin user want to add/update there comments which navigated to a target where Writeback has been implemented . Commentary code is like below :


Conditional Coloring and Tooltip5

One thought on “Pivot table – Conditional Coloring and Tooltips

  1. Hi,
    Above workaround is very interesting. Can you share any info on obiee CSS and HTML. I have similar requirement. I will try using some ideas you gave in your post but if you can share any info on CSS and HTML elements i might be able to develop a good solution.

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