IIS and SAW in two Different Server – OBIEE

So far what we observed is that in typical environment we have both IIS and Siebel Analytics Web (SAW) in the same machine ,if we at all consider that SAS could be at different server .

We have had a typical requirement where we need to segregate both IIS and SAW into two different servers .Its not a big challenge but believe me the configuration to achieve this could not possible if you dont know how to tweak this across windows settings and possibly others using non-windows environment .

So lets assume I have two host : aphbit05 and aphbit06 .My IIS at aphbit05 and my SAS and SAW up and running at aphbit06 .

I have setup a virtual directory at aphbit05 IIS so that it will point to … \\aphbit06\web\app (please see the Virtual directory setup process put into my previous threads) .

Here it has been assumed that the web folder has been shared into network on host aphbit06 keeping in mind that the OS , Network and IIS permission allow the access .

I have had Siteminder in both servers so lets make sure that the Siteminder agent is turned off in both by tuning the parameter as per attached .

Siteminder Off

Change the Windows registry settings of  aphbit05 server as below :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Siebel Systems, Inc.\Siebel Analytics\Web\7.8\ISAPI]

“ServerConnectString”=”sawtcp://<IP of aphbit06>:9710″@=””

(Though the host name works but sometime I prefer to use the IP ) It looks like the below changes . Note that 9710 port is default for IIS to communicate with SAW.

Registry ISAPI change


Be careful about the below settings in instanceconfig.xml file at aphbit06 (if your have different skin across 2 servers and if you have SAW also at host aphbit05 but disabled )

<DefaultStyle> </DefaultStyle>
<DefaultSkin> </DefaultSkin>

Use below tag at instanceconfig.xml file to specify the local directory resource you are trying to access (considerin web/app/res is at C-drive)


Also ensure that the Windows user running the IIS and SAW server process has full permissions on this directory.Now lets restart the IIS at aphbit05 and SAS – SAW at aphbit06 .

Its seem that the blue moon Siebel Analytics login page appears while trying to access the URL .


So all Web server related request will be load balanced by aphbit05 while aphbit06 will be engaged to perform its analytical processing business .

N.B : The above configuration and settings works on Siebel Platform version 7.8.5 but not tested on latest OBIEE release . Also how the process valid on non-windows OC4J env is not tested .

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