OBIEE with Oracle 11g in Windows 7

As I mentioned in my earlier thread that there were some problem that I have encountered during installation of Oracle 10g which I initially thought to be due to Windows 7 new Admin security related features which stopping Windows 7 while creating TNS service and Database service during cloning the DB copy . This is one problem area which stopping me to setup OBIEE environment with proper and more or less up to date DB version . That is why I rely on installing the portable mini copy of Oracle DB i.e OracleXE .However couple of features not available in this version i.e. DB table partitioning etc . So think of to download Oracle 11g ( from OTN  for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (1.7 GB) .

Strange the entire installation is pretty cool and fast (comparing 10g installation) . One more thing I notice is that there are no Compatibility issue with NT 6.1 kernel of Windows 7 during setup process.So finally I have something in hand to experiment about , at least from  DB perspective . Also I keep my earlier installed Oracle XE copy and put the TNS off .So it is also there but kept in cold standby mode.

Below is glimpse during installation process….

Oracle 11g Setup Commandline

Oracle 11g Setup

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