Oracle XE installation in Windows 7

After installation of OBIEE ,if there is no DB it has no meaning to work only with default Oracle provided samplesales.rpd and the backend XML data.Hence tried to run Oracle 10g DB version in Windows 7 running the 10g installer after changing the mode to Windows XP Service pack 2 compatibility. Alas ! tried couple of times but unfortunately not succeeded . Typical reason behind this might be Windows 7 latest security features and there must be some problem happening with my account “Debashis” though it is having full admin rights. The entire installation works except while cloning the DB it suddenly throws exception that “TNS-Can’t connect-Permission Denied” . Looks strange ! Even for me … I can see the TNS created and DB service created in Windows Services but still hopeless . Tried to google somewhere and suggested tweaks not work for me . (I might be doing something wrong … definitely will reinvent and dig to the issue later some time).

Anyway give up hope to install 10g for the time being (maybe try with 11g some time later) and suddenly come out my mind to install the Oracle smaller DB version which is enough and good compatibility with Windows 7 .

Its pretty cool except some of the typical features are missing in this small release of only 157 MB . Table Partitioning is not working in this version . Also iSqlplus , DB Console etc . is missing .Obviously I can’t expect everything in this non-business personal DB version .

So all setup is now in place to work-out with OBIEE with back-end OracleXE database.

However clean out the previous incomplete and erroneous DB installation by running Oracle 10 g De-install wizard and found still some entry in Windows Services and wipe them out straightway from Registry and Windows Environment  variables. This is very handy tweak specially for the service that creating nuisance and clutters your services list . Type Regedit in run window and goto the below path and remove the entry your wish for . (Do it very cautiously after understand the impact ) . Here my concern is ‘Oracle service for 10g’ and I remove that.

Oracle Services in registry

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